Oportunidade para Pós -Doutorandos no Departamento de Ecologia e Evolução na Universidade Stony Broook,NY

Programa de Pós-Doutorado americano oferece bolsa aos interessados em participar de projetos junto ao Departamento de Ecologia e Evolução na Universidade Stony Broook, Nova Iorque. As inscrições  se estendeão até o dia 03 de Maio de 2014:

  A postdoctoral position will be available, starting on or after July 1, 2014, in the Department of Ecology & Evolution at Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY.

 This post-doc will be part of a project titled: "The use of Quantitative Geography to Predict Population Tipping Points for Colonial Seabirds"; this postdoctoral researcher will be one member of a team of researchers working to integrate satellite imagery with statistical and mathematical models of seabird colony formation. The primary responsibility of this position is the development of automated methods for detecting and censusing penguin colonies in high resolution commercial satellite imagery, although additional ecohydrological modeling studies may be pursued depending on interest. Ideal applicants will have completed their Ph.D. in geography, remote sensing, or earth sciences and have extensive experience with remote sensing imagery and geographic modelling. 

Programming skills, experience with ArcGIS and spatial analyses, and experience with terrain modelling would be beneficial but are not required. This position will require close collaboration with a graduate student and another post-doc working on mathematical modeling, as well as mentorship of undergraduate and high school researchers, so strong communication skills with non-remote sensing specialists is essential. Members of groups under-represented in ecology are particularly encouraged to apply. Applications should be received by May 3, 2014. 



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