Extended deadline - SCAR

To encourage the broadest participation the SCAR Science Horizon Scan question submission deadline extended to June 24th 2013

Just when you thought you had missed the opportunity to contribute to the SCAR Science Horizon Scan we are giving you a few more days to compose and subnit your highest priority questions!

To ensure that the community has the greatest opportunity to participate in the 1st SCAR Antarctic and Ocean Science Horizon Scan the deadline for the Round 1 Scientific Question Solicitation has been extended to June 14, 2013. So far over 500 questions have been submitted by your peers. This is your opportunity to ensure that your research interests and your opinion about what is the most important science in the next decade are taken into consideration by the Scan.

If you still have questions about the Scan itself please go to the Scan website and/or read the recent posting to the Nature Magazine web blog site:

Antarctic science looks aheadhttps://blogs.nature.com/news/2013/06/antarctic-science-looks-ahead.html 

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research's(SCAR) first ever Antarctic and Southern Ocean Science Horizon Scan is a community-based effort to develop a collective view of the most important and compelling questions in Antarctic and Southern Ocean science over the next two decades. Questions can be of importance to global issues and/or questions grounded in curiosity-driven research capitalizing on the unique setting of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean. Questions supported by observations from Antarctica because of its singular characteristics are also solicited. Questions should be ones that are best addressed by research in the southern Polar Regions or where studies in Antarctica provide insights not attainable elsewhere.

The Horizon Scan process will be based on inclusive, community-wide consultations led and managed by SCAR. Horizon Scan organizers invite all interested parties and individuals to participate throughout the process. No formal association with SCAR is necessary and the intent is to develop as broad a view as possible of future directions in Antarctic and Southern Ocean science, regardless of the source and/or affiliation of contributors. Not only do we want everyone to participate, your participation is essential for ensuring the credibility of the outcomes of the Horizon Scan.

We are looking for your best and most imaginative ideas to develop a collective community vision of the full promise and potential of science conducted in and from Antarctica and the Southern Ocean.

Please forward to other interested parties !


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