Ação SCAR "Um olhar além do horizonte: Futuras Direções em Ciência Antártica"

SCAR Launches "A View beyond the Horizon: Future Directions in Antarctic Science", and seeks your input on the scientific question of the next decades.

The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) is embarking on a unique and exciting project to identify the most important and compelling questions in Antarctic and Southern Ocean science over the next two decades. A collective, community-based vision of the 100 highest priority scientific questions will be developed to assist in strategic planning; influence future directions in Antarctic research; highlight opportunities for collaborations and synergies; identify future critical infrastructure, logistical, and technological needs; and inform international decisions about investments in the Antarctic scientific enterprise.  For this project to be successful, we need your opinion and insight on what are or will be THE scientific questions that once answered, will measurably improve our understanding of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean and its connections to the Earth and climate systems and beyond.

To submit your questions, and for further details, please go directly to: https://www.scar.org/horizonscanning/


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