Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira (IEAPM) will held the III APECS-Brazil Symposium at “A Ressurgência” Hotel in Arraial do Cabo, RJ, from 22th and 26th to September 2014. In a jagged peninsula with dozens of beautiful beaches (all sizes, fine white sand), sand dunes, constant sunshine, blue sea and mild temperatures all year round, Arraial do Cabo is located at about 150 km northeast of Rio de Janeiro on the Atlantic ocean coastline. The region has a population of around 120,000 inhabitants, scattered among three main cities: Cabo Frio (county seat), Armacao dos Buzios (famous night life) and Arraial do Cabo (fishing spot). Industries are related to fishing, salt and agriculture, but the tourism is responsible for the most commercial growth.
Hotel Address: Rua Luiz Correia, 350 - Praia dos Anjos 28.930-000 - Arraial do Cabo - RJ Tel: +55.22.2622-9078 / 9070 / 9075


In order to visit Brazil, some international guests may need a visa. Guests can verify such need by visiting the website in English:
Should a visa be required, the interested party must visit the website and access the webpage Visa Request, in order to fill out the form on visa application. In case of any doubts, the interested party must contact the Embassy or Consulate of Brazil in which he/she intends to apply for the visa.
The participant must also present a letter from his/her Ministry/Organisation stating that he/she is travelling to Brazil to participate in the III APECS-Brazil Symposium.
It is recommended lodging your application in advance so as to allow for the processing time.


The Brazilian currency is the real (reais, plural in Portuguese; currency sign R$), which is subdivided into one hundred cents. US$1.00 is equivalent to R$2.34; €1.00 is equivalent to R$3.26 (rates of 14/03/2014). The US dollar and the euro are accepted in banks and authorized currency exchange bureaus without any problem.
There are coins of R$0.05, R$0.10, R$0.25, R$0.50, and R$1.00.
There are banknotes of R$2.00, R$5.00, R$10.00, R$20.00, R$50.00, and R$100.00.
Brazil is one of the few countries, if not the only one, whose banknotes solely honors national fauna specimens.
All transactions made in cash in Brazil must be paid in the national currency, which is the only legal tender in the country.
Currency exchange may be handled at banks or exchange bureaus. Banks are opened from Monday to Friday, between 11am to 3,30pm for exchange transactions. 

Once you arrive in Rio de Janeiro, we suggest you to exchange money at the Banco do Brasil Bank - International Airport branch in the 3rd floor. The branch opens daily (including weekends) from 8am to 10pm. Exchange bureaus, which have branches in Rio de Janeiro's airport and shopping malls, have a more flexible working schedule and may operate on Saturdays as well.

The best-known credit-card flags are generally accepted in Brazil.


Taxis are the best mode of transportation for those who do not live in Brasília.
Three elements make up the price of a taxi ride:
Initial fare: R$4.08;
Price per km: R$2.22;
Waiting time: R$24.70 per hour. 
Rarely do taxi drivers accept credit cards in Brazil. Ideally, the passenger should carry cash in order to pay for the taxi ride.
Taxi drivers may get a small tip, which is calculated by rounding off the amount of the taxi fare to the next currency unit and adding an extra R$1.00 or R$2.00.
The price per kilometer of taxi rides, from Mondays to Saturdays, between 6am and 8pm, is R$2.22. From Mondays to Saturdays, between 8pm and 6am, as well as on Sundays and on holidays the price per kilometer is R$2.82.
Taxis are available at the international airport. For taxi rides to and from the airport at any given time of day it is charged R$2.82 per kilometer.
There are taxi stands off the main hotels. Should a hotel guest need a taxi, but there isn't one available at the hotel, the front desk will provide one.



Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, however Spanish and English are spoken in major hotels, restaurants and shops.

Phone codes

Brazil's country code is 55 and Arraial do Cabo area code is 22.
For international calls to Arraial do Cabo dial: international access code + 55 + 22 + local number
For international calls from Arraial do Cabo dial: 00 + carrier code (21, 41, to name a few) + country code + area code + local number
For calls from Arraial do Cabo to other Brazilian towns: 0 + carrier code (21,41 to name a few) + area code + local number

Emergency numbers

Ambulance service (SAMU): 192

Military Police: 190


Public hospitals are open 24 hours a day.

Patients are responsible for the payment of their medical bills.

Hotels will be able to provide contact information of local general practitioners.
The emergency number for ambulance service (SAMU) is 192.


Guests must wear their name tags in order to access the event venue.
Guests are advised not to leave their luggage and briefcases out of sight. Beware of pickpockets.
There is no intense traffic in Arraial do Cabo. 
The emergency number for the Military Police is 190.


110 volts.

There are two types of electrical outlets. The white one on the left was used until 2009. The black one on the right, the new standard, has been mandatory since 2010. Both types of plugs are still found.



Most shops are opened from Monday to Friday, between 9am and 7pm. On Saturday, between 9 am and 1 pm.
Shops in malls are opened from Monday to Saturday, between 10 am and 10 pm. On Sundays, between 2 pm and 8 pm.


In restaurants, a 10% tip is already included in the bill.
Barbers and hairdressers expect tips for their services. The customer should round off the amount to the next currency unit and add an extra R$1.00 or R$2.00.


Rio de Janeiro and Arraial do Cabo offer a tropical climate all year round. Dress lightly and be sure to bring appropriate protection from the tropical sun: hats and sun glasses. A light cotton is the rule for outdoor activities during the day. A light sweater may be required for the evening. From July to September (winter season), the temperatures average 20 C (68 F). Arraial do Cabo can be rather windy during September.

Time zone

The Arraial do Cabo time zone is GMT - 3.


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