The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP) are pleased to announce the 2013 Fellowship Awardees.

12/08/2013 10:03

Two Antarctic organisations have joined forces to launch Fellowships for early career researchers. The Fellowships are worth up to $US15,000 each and six Fellowships (4 SCAR, 1 COMNAP and 1 joint SCAR/COMNAP) were awarded in 2013 (one more than the previous year). The SCAR Fellowships are awarded to: Paula Casanovas, Bella Duncan, Reny Tyson and Luis Huckstadt. The COMNAP Fellowship is awarded to: Charlotte Havermans. A co-funded SCAR/COMNAP Fellowship was awarded to: Luis Rodriguez.

This year, twenty-six applications were received. The winners of the Fellowships will carry out a range of scientific research in areas including marine biology, climatology, remote sensing and understanding terrestrial ecosystem complexity. Candidates come from a wide geographic spread of countries, including Argentina, Belgium, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Venezuela and USA.


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