Número especial sobre a Antártica - Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management

01/06/2016 11:19

"Coasts, Oceans and the Cryosphere: Polar Science and the 25-years of the Madrid Protocol”

The Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (JICZM) (http://www.aprh.pt/rgci/index_eng.html) and the Association of Early Career Scientists for the Sea and Poles (APECS-Brasil) are preparing the publication of a thematic issue dedicated to the theme “Coasts, Oceans and the Cryosphere: Polar Science and the 25-years of the Madrid Protocol”.

The JICZM is an open access peer-reviewed international journal indexed in several international databases, including Scopus.

The thematic issue will include research articlesreview articles andcase studies approaching all aspects related to the polar science on past and present coasts, oceans and the wider cryosphere, including Earth, Life and Physical Sciences. Since the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty, the Madrid Protocol, will turn 25 years in 2016, articles addressing its legacies and the projection of its future approaches are also welcomed. We particularly encourage polar early career scientists to submitt their articles to this thematic issue. 

Manuscripts should be submitted in English in order to reach the international audience of the Polar science community. After fully accepted, the manuscripts will be published on-line with their corresponding DOI number in order to increase visibility, while waiting for a formal journal specific issue.

Submission guidelines are available at http://www.aprh.pt/rgci/
. All phases of the JICZM editorial work will use on-line tools and the articles will be available in electronic version, open access.

Submissions deadlines:

One–page articles proposals: July 29th, 2016.
Full articles submissions: November 30th, 2016

This thematic issue is expected to be published early in 2017.

The editorial board invites you to participate in this exciting thematic issue!

Guest editors: 
Juliana Assunção Ivar do Sul – APECS-Brazil (Coordinator)
Fernanda Quaglio – UNESP, Brazil and APECS-Brazil (Coordinator) 
Peter Convey – British Antarctic Survey, UK 
José Carlos Caetano Xavier - University of Coimbra, Portugal 
Erli Schneider Costa – UERGS, Brazil and APECS-Brazil 
Ceridwen Fraser – Australian National University, Australia

Editors RGCI / JICZM: 
João Alveirinho Dias (Faro, Portugal) 
Ulisses Azeiteiro (Porto, Portugal) 
Monica Costa (Recife, PE, Brazil)
Michel Mahiques (São Paulo, SP, Brazil)
Tomasz Boski (Faro, Portugal) 
Helenice Vital (Natal, RN, Brazil)
Marcus Polette (Itajaí, SC, Brazil)